Customised Packaging Solutions

Pacrite translates and simplifies the packaging process. 

Let our creative sales team simplify and develop an entirely customised solution to fit the exact needs of your business. We focus on not only customising your packaging, but also the way we deliver our services and products to ensure our solutions are stress free and most closely aligned with your individual requirements. 

With all customised packaging we begin with a detailed consultation. From there we can draft up a packaging proposotion and service option to best fit your needs. Our team are able to assist with aligning you with the correct packaging machinery and packaging designers, effectively making us a one stop shop. 
Several of our custom packaging options start with an MOQ of 5000 units which our current customers find a comfortable commitment. From there we can cater to extremely large run sizes and can print up to 11 colours. 
Customised packaging is more affordable and achievable than you would initially think and takes your product to new heights in the market place. We have nurtured several clients from labeled plain packaging to beautifully presented ranges of printed product and have enjoyed watching the benefits this has brought to their business.