After two years in Montreal​ in the 80’s learning from the masters, Al Brown returned to NZ ready to recreate his own range of hand rolled, wood-fired bagels for kiwis to enjoy. 

Baked in his manuka fueled, custom built stone oven, these have become a cult favourite in NZ – The Best Ugly Bagel. 

These special bagels needed a custom, unique packaging solution. The hand rolled bagels are not uniform in size or shape, meaning customised packaging was the only solution. The pack needed to cope with the irregularities and offer a strong shelf presence. 

In addition to this, the pack needed high clarity and a good barrier to ensure freshness!

We developed a high clarity bag with a square bottom base which allowed the bagels to sit flush despite irregularities. 

The bagels have been well received in the retail market and the range has expanded with new printed bags added seamlessly into the mix. 

The result, ​a unique, premium package which echoes the qualities of a Best Ugly Bagel!

“We needed a good looking and functional bag to fit our product range.Victoria and her team were knowledagble, responsive and have a ‘can do’ attitude. We feel our packaging solution strongly differentiates us and deem the project an absolute success”


Jeremy, Best Ugly Bagels

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