Abe’s began as a central Auckland cafe baking fresh authentic bagels which quickly developed a loyal following.

Today they produce an impressive range of bagel products and have expanded their operation to include the Australian market.

Colour consistency had been an issue for Abes prior to working with us, so correcting this was paramount across all formats. 

Stock management had also become a challenge due to the rapid range and geographic expansion so more controls were needed to manage this for them.

We reworked Abe’s art files and made adjustments to ensure print consistency run to run and overall a higher standard of print. 

We established our Inventory Management System, working with their forecasts to provide accurate stock management information, allowing us to be more proactive in managing production. 

We have remained flexible and adaptable, introducing new SKUS seamlessly over time and allowing them to fulfill expansion opportunities

We’d love to make exceptional packaging for you too.


220 Bush Road, Rosedale,
Auckland 0632, New Zealand

+64 9 415 6800

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