Collective Dairy are a company, who, like us, are conscious of the impact their packaging and manufacturing has on resources and our environment.  

They came to us looking to create a closed loop solution for disposing of one of the critical components used for manufacture. 

The rails, used in guiding the packaging into filling lines are made of PVC. Very few facilities had the capability to collect and recycle this material in the current form.

Several trials were required to ensure the end recycled product was viable and in addition to this we needed to design a logistics solution to ensure the solution was simple to implement and manage.

Pacrite developed a custom recycling solution and logistical plan, as well as overseeing the implementation of the project. 

We were able to collect the components from our client, truck them to the local recycling facility and  re-purpose the material into a product with established demand and use.

As a result of our closed loop recycle project we were able to divert over 50 tonnes of PVC from landfill each year!

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